Friday, March 11, 2011

What….no curry chicken, fried rice, nor chow mein?

Where is the Guyanese food? None on the menu, hold on…..also no rum, liquor, beer, nor wine. Did this restaurant go too far? Hell no. Au contraire my feeble globe trotting fenoms. In fact, Oasis Café, hits a six right out of Bourda or that new and shinny Stadium, whatever it is called. Man, talk about great fresh food with a global twist and international simplicity. Tucked next to the Delta and Caribbean Airlines Offices, this gem offers up fresh varied alternative to mundane and very monotonous Guyanese cuisine. Hey, Jack Wagon, get down from your soap box I love curry, fried rice, and chow mein just like any other sun burnt Guyanese. But there has to be more to food than a varied combination than those three food groups!

Okay I am aware that you well travelled folks have savored a wide range of delicacies from Calcutta to London and back. Yea there is a whole different world of food from Guyanese food. So why don’t Guyanese expand their “food groups”. Who knows? Maybe curry has addictive abilities? Either way Oasis challenges the taste buds to try different things. I was told by my fellow diner that this place had the best coffee in Georgetown. I did not try it. Not a fan of hot coffee at 11 am.

Although, the clientele seems to be predominantly expat there were at least 10% local Guyanese representation. A very international crowd gave the feel of more South Beach, Miami than Georgetown, Guyana. But I guess this is why this place works so well. I must say as a buffet and an la carte establishment they were no complains from anyone at the table. Oh I almost forgot…..FREE WIFI. For that alone I could be a regular! Great food, great ambiance, great service, great concept, FREE WIFI, happy loyal guest. Love it. Would recommend to anyone even if to just give it a try and feel how the rest of the world rolls!