Monday, March 14, 2011

The most interesting person in Corriverton….so far.

She speaks Guyanese politics, knows what is going on in Yemen, Libya, and Egypt, is well versed in local politics and affairs surrounding Corriverton. She is hailed by every fish monger, butcher, farmer, and hawker in the market. This young lady has a video collection of a 25 year old. Ladies and gents meet 10 year old Preya. (I’ll save her real name for her protection since she could very well be a future president).

I met this young lady briefly from the time I arrived. She and her mom rents the lower flat of my aunts home. They have lived there for six years. She sees her dad on weekends and regularly. Her mom and dad are separated with her dad having another family and her mom being single. Preya’s mom is a fishmonger who sells in the market. The notion of it takes a village to raise a kid is alive here.

As I was leaving for the market on Fri morning @ 7:30 am a little voice merrily said, “Good Morning” I reciprocated. She asked where I was heading this early. I replied the market. She asked if I minded her tagging along. Mind you this coming from a little person. 10 yo! Sure let’s go. Little did I know what I was in for. She asked how I felt about the old president, Mr. Jagdeo leaving office and who might be fit for a replacement. We discussed local and international politics, the current situation with remigration, sanitation issues, local market rules. 10 yo!

We arrived at the market and walked through the back gate into the fish section. Every vendor greeted her by name and waved, Several asked if she was ready for school. More asked about her home work, Even more asked if she had lunch money. Preya replied with the playfulness of a free spirit and the weight of a gifted child accepting the charge before her. As she escorted me around the market pointing out various stands and vendors and people I should avoid. I got the feeling of a proud Guyanese showcasing her home. At 8:30 am several people called out to Preya that it was time to go to school. She giggled, oops “ I got carried away, got to go to school, see you later.” And off she went to seek knowledge.  Am I witnessing a child carrying the hopes of a nation? Whatever this is I am beyond joy to know that there are people looking out for this child and all is not lost. More importantly Preya has the willingness and desire to be brilliant.

Amazing that this child, and she is still a child, with the wits of a matured person well beyond her years is so informed and well versed in matters normal 10 yos are not interested in. She reads the daily newspaper early in the morning before going to school sitting amongst fishmongers who are her extended family. Most fishmongers can not read nor write so she reads loudly. A little angel. The future of Guyana is in the hands of the fishmonger.