Monday, September 30, 2013

Sarah Bacchus of 34-24-36 showcases colorful hues with the newly released Aurora Collection

FOR RELEASE September 30th, 2013
34-24-36- For the Perfect Fit:


The Aurora Collection

34-24-36 is pleased to announce the arrival of our 5th Collection! The Aurora Collection is a large compilation of colorful hues, presently showcased online at, and by Appointment at our:

Queens Showroom
153-28 122nd Avenue
Jamaica, Queens, NY 11434

The various Collections are now available for purchase on a Retail and Wholesale basis.
After launching in December, Two thousand and Ten (2010), the 34-24-36 name and brand has gained quite a positive reputation. Being the first Guyanese American Fashion Designer to emerge out of the West Indian community has certainly played an important role in the success of the brand. Also, equally important is the foundation on which 34-24-36 was built. We are an All-American brand. All aspects of our business are done within the New York State. The fabric qualities utilized are only natural fibers: Silks, Cottons, blends of Silk and Cotton, Rayon and rarely novelty manmade textures. The choice of qualities we render are based solely on the durability of the pieces, hence, we termed it the ‘Seasonless’ wear. Put these garments on, in every season. Pair with fine, trendy or no jewelry and these pieces will stand out and withstand years of the elements.


Now, the appeal factor for 34-24-36 as per various constituents, whether it’s Facebook friends and acquaintances, our foreign clientele, local boutiques, and our roster of clients, it’s just a small fraction of where we see ourselves in the coming years. While the brand has been attracting the likes of many, even those far and wide, with its avant-garde aesthetics, there’s more that the brand has in store, if given the right exposure. This year, we plan on meeting with many boutiques and organizations to take a look at our brand, with the hopes of becoming a part of their roster of designers. 34-24-36 plans on giving exclusive rights when requested to the various stores and boutiques, as we are flexible on that thought process!

Our mission is to continue our customizing feature to achieve the Perfect Fit for our clientele as well as honing in on new customers.

With a positive outlook for this season and the years thereafter, we want to proudly state that our New York sample room is fully functional and ready to take production on a large or more tapered scale. While the sample room is in Manhattan, our studio is conveniently located in Queens and our representatives have flexible schedules to meet with you at your convenience.

All in all, we look forward to meeting and forming a working relationship, beneficial to all.
We look forward to continuing our great relationships with our current clientele, Press and our fans. With the Holidays rapidly approaching, 34-24-36 wants to make a resounding statement— We are a Brand with lots to be desired! We do not come short or halt until our customers are satisfied. As our motto goes, we aim to deliver The Perfect Fit, each and every time.

For more information, please visit or Contact:

Sarah Bacchus, Design Director
153-28 122nd Avenue
Jamaica, Queens, NY 11434
Office: 1(718) 541-2096
Fax: 1(718) 322-2111
Media Contact: Neil A. Bacchus,

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fresh take on Bappi Lahiri from DFlex with Yaad Aa Raha Hai

If you know Bappi Lahiri renditions from the Bollywood blockbuster movie Disco Dancer then you are as fortunate as I am and as old. If not, then familiarize yourself with a legend in Bollywood Dance Music. DFlex has taken a page out of Bappi Lahiri’s own foray into synthesized music.


During the 80s, Bappi Lahiri teamed up with popular Indian movie star Mithun Chakraborty to showcase what is now known as Indian Disco Music. It was these times that I relished in being a little disco dancer of my own. Ah the frivalry of youth. Growing up in Guyana, Indian movies was a big influence in daily life. Whatever movie was playing that week or weeks, depending how big a crowd still lined up towards the end of showing, was all the talk at culvert corners. (What’s a culvert? It is at the end of a street, normally at an intersect of streets, where people gather to discuss the day’s events. Oh youngin.) I have vivid memories of Mithun shaking on the screen to Bappi Lahiri’s belting out Yaad Aa Raha Hai.

Fast forward 30 odd years later, those beats might loose a little luster. Enter DFlex, teaming up with Mohan Rishi Lakhan of X3me Band and Rick Ramdehall, with his vivid take on West Indian music. Flex has taken some great risk and produced great music. He has done some really interesting work in Reggae and Indian crossovers with Stealth Productions. It is a little surprising and caught me completely off guard that he added a Euro flair with Indian and Reggae undertones. The first few seconds had me taking stance for a full frontal Pitbull type assault. Then the mix came in and I was totally off balance. To take an already heavy dance beat from one continent and mix it with a different genre from another continent then add synthesized and vocals in two languages is no ordinary feat, all along keeping everything liquid.

I’ve heard fragments of this type of mixing in high energy clubs of Singapore and Miami years ago. Musical beats has a way of working itself around, evolving, morphing into a living, breathing being. Throwing caution in the wind and letting the creative juices flow only brings greatness. This mix has the hallmarks of a staggering summer closer and will increase the heat throughout fall as the temperature drops. I wouldn’t be surprised if this beat is heating up your Christmas parties or ringing in the New Year.

Here is an Instrumental Version

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Grab your partner and Luv Luv Luv

Pop into the club, turn on your favorite mobile listening device, visit your family, go to the hundreds of outdoor reunions this summer; what are you hearing? Another rum song or derogative commentary on women. Whatever happened to luv and family?

Photo Credit: Nadeer Bacchus. Pictured Standing Neil, Steve, Mike, Ray. Sitting Rick, DFlex, Reina.

Stealth Productions, Gemini Band, Rick Ramdehal, and Reina Gonzalez set out to embrace love and return to family structure, this summer, with their new release of Luv Luv Luv. The raspy lyrical male voice of Rick sets the stage for a simple display of love to Reina. Her honey suckle pronouncing of “baby” brings sincerity and trust to the relationship. There is genuine chemistry and true affection with complex overtones and melodious balladry.

On a shoestring budget and keeping it simple, Neil Anthony Bacchus of Stealth Productions with assistance from DFlex, conceptualized and directed a scene played out in every loving couple’s living room. A steadfast declaration of love. There isn’t any big bells and whistles, with dramatic sceneries, and certainly no flower bush turn away, no hide and seek, nor drenching rain. There is just raw face to face sit down emotions that were captured through artful technical angles and shadows.

Musically, this song will have you reaching for the waist of your love and swaying. The musical sense of Mike, Steve, and Raymond Seelochan from Gemini Band combines a time tested melody that rings familiarity yet there are new elements standing out. A sweeping, loving, honest, mellow tone sets the stage for a simple relationship between two people. Sometimes we all forget how simple love can be. It all boils down to two people  being truly honest and giving.

In a complex world of ever striving for the newest and most advanced dynamics, true simplicity stands the test of time. Luv Luv Luv combines the undertones of modernity with time honored traditions. Two people sharing love and affection in an honest setting. We should all look around and have an honest conversation with our loved ones. Share some Luv Luv Luv….    
Video Concept, Director, Camera and Editor:
Neil A. Bacchus

Written By:
Rick Ramdehal
Steve Seelochan
Michael Seelochan
Raymond Seelochan

Music: Gemini Band
Arranged & Produced By:
Steve Seelochan
Michael Seelochan
Raymond Seelochan

Rick Ramdehal & Reina Gonzalez

Steve Seelochan
Michael Seelochan
Raymond Seelochan
Videsh Seelochan

Engineered & Mixed By:
Steve Seelochan
Michael Seelochan

Recorded and Mixed At
Queens, New York
1 718 644 7080

Video Production Assistant:

Video Production Studio:
Stealth Productions
Queens, NY
1 718 322 2111

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You waited long enough Enter the Newbie

If you were following my last few post, there was a missing element. You did not notice? Remember, where I hinted that Gemini Band was collaborating with the old and the new? Take a deep breath, I give you Reina Gonzalez!

Photo Credits: Neil Anthony Bacchus. Pictured: Reina

Reina was born in the home of Chutney and Soca, a little island better known as Trinidad. Hailing from greats who introduced a whole new genre to the world, Reina brings a fresh new spark to the music world. She currently resides in NYC.

Her passion for music transcends all genre, but the rhythmic sounds of R & B, reggae and soca takes her deeper nirvana. In 2010, Reina joined Gemini Band and performed live for the first time. According, to DFlex, she brought the house down!

What’s on the horizon? A collaborative effort with Stealth Productions, Gemini Band, and Rick Ramdehal releasing later this week. Next, her first single teaming up with Stealth Productions and Gemini Band releasing soon.

I had a sneak peek at listening to her sing and watching her performance. I’ll give you this, brace yourself! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Veteran Gemini Band takes the stage

Look around and listen to recent music releases, can you recognize the so called bands? It is very hard to tell who has staying power or who has worked with blazing artistes. Strumming in the background, making good artist sound great has been a quiet veteran, Gemini Band.  

Founding member Ramdeo Seelochan blazed a trail with Gemini Band for the current crop of bands, performers, and musicians. Gemini was the first Indo Caribbean Band to play at Madison Square Garden. Fusion of Bollywood and Soca beats, with the release of Sally Edwards version of Piya Tu Ab To Aja, first echoed from Gemini speakers. Success came with multiple hits from Anand Yankarran, Sally Edwards, Rajdai Singh, Drupattie Ramgoni, Veena Khetani, Salima Mohammed, Terry Gajraj , Rick Ramdehal, DFlex, Jimmel Fortune, Mr. Lee, and Rasheed Bacchus.Gemini brought the house down with Live performances in Florida, Texas, Schenectady, Toronto, Guyana, Trinidad, Maryland, Boston and New York.They played back up for Sparrow, Calypso Rose, Crazy, and Super Blue.

With the exhausting regurgitation of the same old sounds and constant copying of another’s lyrics, the Band has heightened their focus on writing, creating and recording all new and original pieces. A new collaboration with Stealth Productions will sharpen and refocus. New project releasing next week.

Photo credit: Neil Anthony Bacchus. On left Steve, Middle Ray, Right Michael Seelochan

Founding Member: Ramdeo Seelochan

Band Members
Michael Seelochan
Ray Seelochan
Steve Seelochan
Videsh Seelochan
Mr Lee
Reina Gonzalez
Rick Ramdehal
Rasheed Bacchus
Engineers: Ruy and Richie

Saturday, July 20, 2013

West Indians slow down a bit

The sweltering summer heat is causing a major sweat fest in the Americas. People who were born and raised in the Caribbean heat can’t handle a little mercury rising anymore. My guess is our blood got a little thicker with the white powdery stuff dem fariegna call snow. So why add heat to more heat?

Stealth Productions latest project is slowing things down a bit and offering a mellowed out vibe. Veterans and newbies come together with a fresh new take on an old stalwart. In the music world of ever evolving sounds, our Caribbean community seems stuck on regurgitating the same old same old. Over the years and several projects, Stealth Productions aim to break that stigma.

Photo Credit: Neil Anthony Bacchus. Pictured: Rick Ramdehal

Meet Rick Ramdehal, a veteran in his own right, who teamed up with a fresh new voice and a veteran band to mellow out the sounds of old and new. Rick has been honing his skills since 1982, with performances in the US, Canada, Trinidad and England.

Here is Rick Ramdehal’s full performance bio
1982 Started singing career Clyfee Madhu Radio Show W/ Members of the Swar Sangeet Group
Diwali conert W/ Members of the Swar Sangeet Group
1984 Swarangeet band founded W/ Ramdehals Isardat, Dharmendra, Surendra, Devindra
1986 Happy birthday to you Bisram Bhagan Music by Swarangeet
1989 Recorded 3 albums with Devindra Pooran Music by Swarangeet
Shakespeare Competition New York High School Top 5 Finalist
1992 Soca Lambada Terry Gajraj
1997 Musically Yours Swarangeet Music by Swarangeet
1999 Simply Chutney Swarangeet Music by Swarangeet
2000 Bollywood Movie Awards As back up singer to Terry Gajraj Nassau Coliseum
2001 Chutney Soca Monarch Guest Singer Trinidad
2002 Chutney Soca Monarch 6th Place Trinidad
2003 Chutney Soca Monarch
2004 Sexy Dancin’ 1st Solo Album
2007 Bollywood Movie Awards Ecstasy, Sexy Dancin’, In Da Mood W/ D. Flex, Vani (QCQD), Natraj Nassau Coliseum
2007 Released songs In da mood W/ Dutty Flex
All I need W/ Dutty Flex
Thinkin’ bout you W/ Dutty Flex
2011 Dard e dil Music: Surendra, Video: Devindra
2012 Chaand mera dil Music: Surendra, Video: Devindra
2013 Wait for it!

Where is the rest of the project? Slow down it is hot outside. The rest is coming this week.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Short Story by Vishnu Doerga: Unlimited Potential

This is a guest post by Vishnu Doerga

My first attempt at short story writing! - complete story. Each line goes as deep as you want it to.
Once upon a time, on a beach called 63, a group of friends were enjoying the sandy shores.
One decides to enter the coffee colored waters in order to escape the sweltering heat. Being a non-swimmer, she chooses to carefully venture deeper, still standing on firm ground.
Suddenly....a steep drop, she goes under...soft, fluffy mud is all she feels below her feet.
Her friends, still standing on shore, now become aware of her predicament.
Now this is where it gets interesting...
Would our friend prefer her closest companion, a non-swimmer, such as herself or the best swimmer in the group to come to her rescue?
The choice, on her part, seems logical. However, at this point, logics fly out the door. Human relationships kick in...has she ever hurt the best swimmer? If so, how deep did the hurt go?
Back on shore, her closest companion goes into a frantic panic, knowing he can't swim as well. Going into the water will most likely cost his life as well.
With no other groups nearby, these friends look at each other, looking for one to volunteer.
The best and probably the only swimmer in the lot suddenly starts seeing flashbacks of the hurt inflicted over the years. Very deep hurt indeed. Is this faith?
A second passes.
The swimmer quickly realizes that her skill, her talent, perfected through hard work with the blessings of the divine, may have been hers for this very day.
Into the water she speeds, heading for an outstretched, disappearing hand. She returns dragging a shaken, still conscious soul back to shore.
Our shaken friend looks around and breaks down in tears realizing the fragility of life. Her faith lay in the hands of one she hurt deeply.
She wonders.....would I have been able to do the same?
Established human nature is a female dog.
Persons prefer to follow or befriend those like themselves. This is the easiest and definitely more fun option.
Nothing in this world worth having, comes easy!
Learning to swim, while others partied is definitely a skill worth having. A skill that can not be learned whilst drowning.
This short story plays out everyday with and around us. Realizing what is important and what really needs to be done is the trick to avoiding life/career/financial/family/etc threatening situations.
The story could have gone a different route if our swimmer had looked the other way. This is something we all do, everyday. We look away from those in need. We keep our skills to ourselves and those willing to pay in one form or the other.
This can not be right!!
We are all born with unlimited potential. The time and effort we put into unlocking our potential in any particular area should serve as an inspiration to those searching souls. Our skills should be given where and when needed in as high a volume as required and possible.
Our choices, many times, resemble the results of popularity contests. Popular persons will always feed you what you like to consume. This is how they stay popular. When you need the 'populars' they are more often than not, unavailable.
Respect the skilled ones who tell you what you need to hear instead of what sounds nice. This way you have the data available to make better choices.
The question facing our victim, faces us everyday. Would we choose to place our faith in popular hands or in skilled hands?
Popular and skilled is very rare.
Hope my attempt at a short story makes you think about your choices. And help you make better ones.

Vishnu Doerga is the Director of The Best Management Company and Owner of Venu Shopping Centre.
Director Profile
Mr. Vishnu KPV Doerga, DME, MBA. –
Short Bio Data – Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Doerga is a member of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) and Secretary/Immediate Past President of the Upper Corentyne Chamber of Commerce & Industry (UCCCI). After joining the UCCCI in 2003 he held several executive posts, becoming President in 2010 at the age of 29. He was awarded the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Young Business Executive Award 2011, in recognition of his demonstration of ambition, skill, vision and tangible business success.
Mr. Doerga is qualified in several fields including Engineering and Business Administration and is currently preparing to pursue his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA). Mr. Doerga is also a director/business consultant with Doerga Business Enterprises.
Mr. Doerga plays an active role in Private Sector Development making representation in among others, the Education (TVET Council), Health (BRHA board), Energy (ESG), Infrastructure (ISG) and Employment (SKYE EAG) sectors.
Mr. Doerga has represented the private sector as an Association of Regional Chambers of Commerce (ARCC) executive and Private Sector Commission (PSC) council member.

Thanks for sharing this inspirational story with us.

Monday, March 11, 2013

A musical mirage

Do we really know our partners before we make a lifelong commitment? How many of us take our partners at face value? We look at the exterior, a beautiful body, a great family, fancy cars, big houses, lavish lifestyles and popular circles. Do we ever look beyond, into the soul, into the darkest and deepest corners of another’s persona?

Photo courtesy Stealth Productions/Photographer: Sunil Persaud

Donald Andrews and Neil Anthony Bacchus of Stealth Productions, wrapped their creative minds around a very taboo subject in our Caribbean Community. In today’s “feel good” society we often tend to sweep heavy topics and unpopular dialogue out by the grass corner. In music, artists are encouraged to write and produce more of similar material that the public divulge in droves. How many more ways can one thing be said? Or is it, that we are too busy suffocating our own emotions, that we could care less for anything else?

Who are we in this world, if we cannot care for the perils of our fellow human kind? Our time and energies are taken up focusing only on what we see on the surface. Whatever we don’t see or comes to our doorstep is not our concern. But what happens when that concern is on our doorstep. What do we do? Do we turn away and sweep it out to the grass and hope someone else will take out the trash? Or do we open our eyes and deal with the issues?

I had the honor of talking for a few minutes with Donald Andrews, who wrote, sang, and performed this song. Here is an excerpt from our conversation:

Eric: What was your inspiration for writing this song?
Donald: This song was written two years ago with the intention of entering the Trinidad Chutney Soca Monach Competitions, in collaboration with Big Rich and the Pungalunks Factory. But the promoters decided that the subject was not ready for prime time. I felt that there had to be a more constructive way of approaching the issue.
Eric: Why did you choose to showcase this issue in the manner you did?
Donald: This is a very gender neutral issue. It can happen to anyone. However, given the scores of women issues that get suffocated, I felt that this was my way of bringing light to the subject.
Eric: You’ve been in the business a while, why tackle this issue now?
Donald: When I started out a long time ago, being the front man for Gemini Band, we tore up the New York music scene. We brought it everytime to clubs and shows. As time went on, I gravitated to gospel music and my fate. Now in a subtle nudge I think our community needs to pay attention to some of these social issues that affect us.
Eric: What do you hope to achieve with this song and video?
Donald: I am in no way an activist. Neither do I intend to take a hard stance on the topic. But I wish for our community to recognize that there are two sides to every story and sometimes the untold is the truth. What we hide in our bedrooms and closets are more damaging than what we face everyday. I think we can do better as a society.

Go Download the song for FREE on Donald Andrews SoundCloud HERE.

In dialogue with Tony about his direction for this video, I came to realize the artistic and responsive talent of a young man that is rare in the music industry. Many people would take the negative angle of depicting this issue for it’s big, bold, knock over the head sensationalism. However, Tony was determined to not showcase a derogatory side but let the audience read between the lines. The stage-set for this video is very simple but purposeful. If you look very closely there are subtle signs that tells the story. There is nothing in the scenes that are happenstance, every item and movement carries a line in the narrative. Notice the three candles? What do they mean? How about the artist rendering? Why? Visualize the camera angles that tell a story through smoke scenes.

Photo courtesy Stealth Productions/Photographer: Sunil Persaud

Like most of Stealth Productions projects, this also holds true to carrying a positive meaningful message to our Caribbean Community. As is said in their website Welcome message,  “We take pride in our work and we intend to uphold our reputation on the scruples that the company was built on, integrity.” Those are difficult words to live by in this world of insatiable desire for regurgitating music. The current trend in West Indian music is this butchering of classical music, remixing 5 songs to make one, overlaying words on music that is timeless, singing pieces of Indian music that translates to nothing in particular and blending it all into one. This practice has it’s place if done tactfully and respectfully. Stealth Productions seeks some form of originality, modern, cutting edge music that carries an impactful stamp.

Photo courtesy Stealth Productions/Photographer: Sunil Persaud

Who is the “She” in She’s Ah Drinka video? Former New York catalog model Rachel Persaud signed on to showcase the hush side. An excerpt from our conversation:

Eric: Why did you choose to participate in this project?
Rachel: The subject matter was very attractive. I wanted to be a part of showing how my younger generation is taking the perils of older generations to a more liberal level.
Eric: Why do you think that the younger generation is more liberal?
Rachel: We grow up with more open socializing, hanging out, clubbing, and other activities. This encourages us to indulge in questionable behavior at a young age. While most of this behavior is accepted in males, females are the same participants. But females are never assigned any responsibility.
Eric: Are you taking a hard stance against this issue?
Rachel: I am hoping to raise awareness that there are two sides to this issue and encouraging others to take a look at themselves.
Eric: Why choose to appear in a music video over catalog modeling?
Rachel: The video content is very appealing. I feel that this video carries a message that needs to resonate with my generation.

Often in our Caribbean Community we tend to shy away from social issues even though they consume our daily lives. The people who take on these challenges are brave and sometimes shunned. When we take a stand, whether hard or soft, we are marginalized. Yet there are outcries when major disaster strikes on our doorstep. Are we ever going to stop and think? Are we ever going to take a stand? Are we ever going to acknowledge and recognize the signs? Are we ever going to reach out and extend a hand to our fellow mankind? Tony, Donald, and Rachel did? Are you going to follow? 

Go Check out and Share the Stealth Productions YouTube video for She’s Ah Drinka HERE.

Grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.                        
--Reinhold Niebuhr

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Business Place generates more activity than a Business Page on Facebook

As the internet crawls into the far corners of Guyana, it is time to get on board and embrace the power of social media. Letting people know about your business was, traditionally, done with newspaper and radio advertising. While these media platforms are not extinct, yet. They are increasingly expensive and often times extremely difficult to track. Why not try joining the rest of the world and use social media as a interactive tool to drive your business goals.

There are several social media platforms that go as quickly as they come. On any given day the balloon can burst and a new craze will take center stage. However, with all the hype and dazzle of newer shinier toys, Facebook seems to finally be digging in. As in any marketing plan, there are several medias to convey the message. Many more sophisticated and complex social media marketing strategies will integrate Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp, Urbanspoon, Travelocity, Tripadvisor, Pinterest, Foodspotting, Stumbleupon, Instagram, to name the most popular. However, the simpler more concentrated Facebook platform offers similar engagement and results.

The basic idea of any marketing plan is to tell your customer what you are offering, then engage and keep them coming back for more. This ultimately results in a sale or income generation. Facebook “Page” offers information across the board. Almost any kind of businesses can utilize a “Page” to their utmost advantage. Information pertaining to the location, phone number, services, goods, activity or any thing else can be added to a “Page”. With “Liking” your page, customers can follow the information you are sharing. Your customer can invite their friends to “Like” your page, hence increasing your customer base. Biggest disadvantage, “Page” does not allow a user to “Check in”.

With the increasing availability of mobile phones in Guyana, “Checking in” to Facebook so your friends know where you are and what your are doing is becoming the norm. As a business owner this screams a huge opportunity for you. How do you capture that “Check In” and make it work to spread your message? There is a “Place” for that. Facebook “Places” is everything your “Page” is with the added bonus of utilizing “Geo Location” mapping to interact with customers.

How does this work? When a person “Check in to Facebook” their friends are able to see their activity. Which means, if a person “Check in” to your establishment all of their friends are immediately aware of your establishment, hence the term “Place”. Your business just appeared in front of people who probably never knew you existed by using your customers as your marketers. Typical example, when someone checks into Venu Shopping Center in Skeldon, all of their friends around the world know that this place exist, without the owners lifting a finger.

So how does a business owner create a “Place”? Simple, search Facebook Help for

How do I create a new location?
Or follow the steps below:
You can only create a new location if one doesn't already exist with a similar name. On a mobile device with location services enabled:
  1. Tap 
  2. Select  Nearby
  3. Tap Check In (top-right corner)
  4. Start typing the name of the location you'd like to add
  5. If there are no existing locations with similar names, tap Add "[New Location]"..."
  6. Confirm the name of the the location you want to create and tap Add
You can then continue to post from that location:
  1. Write a caption, tag friends or add a photo
  2. Tap Post
The default location for any new place you create will be where you are currently located. Also, keep in mind that any location you create is public. This means that other people may see the location while browsing Facebook.

1. Notice I mentioned “Place” and Facebook Help used the word “Location”? They are the same thing. A “location” is the physical address using Global Positioning Satellite to pin point the exact location. A “place” is the place on Facebook where the location is attached.

2. This process can only be done through a mobile phone with location services enabled. It cannot be done from a laptop or desktop computer.

3. Adding a location does not make you the user in any which way or form attached to the business. Businesses must claim their location as the owner in a separate step.

Which brings me to what happens after the location is added. As a business owner you have to now prove to Facebook that you are indeed the owner of this business. This stops other people to claim your address as their business. Here is how to:

How do I claim a Page that already exists for my business? Can I merge it with my business's official Page?

A Facebook Page may exist for your business even if you or someone else from your business didn't create it. This happens for a variety of reasons. For example, when someone checks into a place that doesn't already have a Page, a new Page gets created to represent the location.
If you're an official representative of an existing Page that someone else is managing, report it. If no one is managing the Page yet, you can request to claim it:
  1. From the Page, click the menu.
  2. Select Is this your business?.
  3. Follow the steps that appear on your screen. Add and verify information about your business, like its address and website, and click Continue.
  4. Next, Facebook will ask you to claim your Page to prevent other people from becoming an admin without your permission. Choose to verify your connection to the business by Email or by uploading Documentation:
    • Email: Choose this option if you have an email address associated with your Facebook account that was officially issued to you by your business. Email addresses from generic providers like Yahoo! or Gmail will not be accepted. The email address should correspond to your business's name, ex:
    • Documentation: Upload a scan or photo of an official document that shows your business's name and address. Ex: phone bill, business license, business tax file, articles of incorporation, etc.
  5. Click Submit.
You're now an admin of the Page and can begin managing it. Please allow up to one week for the Pages team to review your claim request and respond. If your request is accepted, other people won't be able to become an admin of your Page without your permission.

Once you've claimed your Page, you can merge it with duplicate Pages that you may already have set up for your business. The Pages must represent the same thing and have similar names to be eligible for merging. Additionally, if the Pages have physical locations, make sure the addresses are the same.

Is any of this making any sense? Don’t fret follow these steps and you’ll see how easy it actually is. Social media is user friendly and all the information is online. Don’t be afraid to tackle this. Now sit back and watch the world come to you. Well not so fast, you do have to work at making your “Places” engaging and interactive.

Feel free to leave comments or ask me questions. I am by no means an expert, but I have done a few of these. If I can do this so can you. Run off and conquer the world.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Displaced Immigrant: What could have been might have been.

June 30, 1989 – Loaded taxi took off from Line Path A, Skeldon, Guyana carrying my grandfather, grandmother, mom and myself.
June 30, 1989 – Arrived at (then) Timehri International Airport, Georgetown, Guyana.
June 30, 1989 – Flew to Piarco International Airport, Trinidad. Missed the connecting flight because we did not know where to go and what to do. So we spent the night at the airport. Still unsure of what to do. Finally, my 17 year old self grew a pair and walked up to a counter attendant to explain our ply. They are wondering about us. We were sitting right in the lobby. First time on an airplane, first time leaving Guyana, first time my old grandfather was out of his element. It was a very fast maturity for me. Hours to be exact.
July 1, 1989 – Arrived in John F. Kennedy International Airport, New York. USA. Spent time reuniting with family and friends.
July 7 1989 – Got on a flight Minneapolis, Minnesota bound, where my step dad lived. This was the final destination of my mom. Her childhood sweet heart had finally got his childhood crush. When they we little kids growing up in #78 Village these two destined souls were giving each other the googly eyes. As time would have it, somehow parents were not in agreement to this. My mom was sent to live with her grandparents in Line Path A. Enter my swankadeen dad, the playboy of Line Path A, man of men amongst Sugar Workers, a friend to anyone who crossed his path. He swept the young girl from #78. They got married, I arrived on earth in 1971. My dad passed, in August 1977, from some would say his reckless behaviour of driving motor cycles without a helmet falling too many times and hitting his head. Others would say it was a hereditary brain disease, guess I would never know the real reason.
Back Yard
Back Yard Jan 18, 2013
My stepdad was divorced from a marriage that resulted in two kids, a boy and a girl. What better thing to do than pursue his childhood sweetheart? He came back to Guyana looking for her. They got married and sometime later off to the States we came.
Front Yard
Front Yard Jan 18, 2013
Having very limited knowledge of the geography and lay out of the US, I really never considered living in Minnesota. It was all about living in New York amongst my cousins. I was given a warm welcoming reception when we arrived at my stepdad. His kids, my now step brother and sister, were very accomodating and treated me kindly. I spent that first summer exploring and getting to know my new family. Never did it cross my mind that this could have been my home, had I choose to.
At the end of Summer 1989, I went back to New York to start my own journey. As faith would have it one day as I was walking around Times Square New York, I literally stumbled into the military recruiting office, a month later I was enlisted and attended United States Navy boot camp in Great Lakes, IL. Being the gunho sailor I was, I volunteered for the first Desert Storm onboard the USS Midway forward deployed from Japan. Which saw me serving out my time of enlistment in Japan. After military service, sailing around in the cold North China Sea, in the Korean, Japanese, and Chinese waters, I could not see myself living in a cold climate. I relocated to sunny Florida, where since 1994, I enjoyed the warm climate similar to my motherland.
During my years in Florida, at one time I gave Minnesota another try. For reasons apart from the weather, I could not find myself staying and living. Is it the way of life, is it the scarcity of West Indians? They are many Guyanese who call Minnesota their home. Many of them are spread out across the state. I never really felt right here. Yes there are many great things about this state, apart from my mom being here. There are magnificent lakes, nature parks, great fishing, great education, great living conditions, the state is always looking for ways to better systems, increased ease of transportation, and many more wonderful things. It was touted as one if not the best state to live in many years running. But I just can’t seem to get behind the eight ball.
They say hindsight is 20/20. Look back to see where one came from, look around to see where one is, and look forward to see where one must go. When I look back, there will always be that unanswered question. Did I make the right choice to not live in Minnesota? Some may continue to argue that it is never too late to make changes, I fully agree. However, I am still not convinced that I can make a life in Minnesota. I am very fortunate to be able to freely choose where I make my home. Who knows what might have been could have been.