Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The equipment is out of the country!

Why can’t a simple electrical meter get turned on? The equipment to ensure that the meter is functioning correctly is out of the country. Okay, I know what you are saying and I am too. WHAT? No way! Yes way.

My grandmother had her electricity turned off for some repairs. Repairs are down, bill is paid up to date and the request to turn power back on was placed a month ago. No answer. My uncle went to inquire from Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Corriverton, they gave him an account # and a phone number in New Amsterdam to call. I called this number there was no record. So I went back to GPL, Corriverton (wearing long pants of course) to investigate. After displaying utter amazement to the clerk when she told me to call New Amsterdam again, she told me to wait while she spoke with her supervisor. There was a blackout, again, in GPL office and the supervisor was in a closed office, poor guy. I was wet to my underwear, I wonder about him. So the clerk came out and informed me that the account # I had was wrong. So she found out that the paper work was in New Amsterdam but they were waiting for the equipment to check the meter, which was out of the country. Yes the ONLY meter checker equipment was out of the country. Now we must wait for next week. Fingers crossed.