Thursday, July 25, 2013

Grab your partner and Luv Luv Luv

Pop into the club, turn on your favorite mobile listening device, visit your family, go to the hundreds of outdoor reunions this summer; what are you hearing? Another rum song or derogative commentary on women. Whatever happened to luv and family?

Photo Credit: Nadeer Bacchus. Pictured Standing Neil, Steve, Mike, Ray. Sitting Rick, DFlex, Reina.

Stealth Productions, Gemini Band, Rick Ramdehal, and Reina Gonzalez set out to embrace love and return to family structure, this summer, with their new release of Luv Luv Luv. The raspy lyrical male voice of Rick sets the stage for a simple display of love to Reina. Her honey suckle pronouncing of “baby” brings sincerity and trust to the relationship. There is genuine chemistry and true affection with complex overtones and melodious balladry.

On a shoestring budget and keeping it simple, Neil Anthony Bacchus of Stealth Productions with assistance from DFlex, conceptualized and directed a scene played out in every loving couple’s living room. A steadfast declaration of love. There isn’t any big bells and whistles, with dramatic sceneries, and certainly no flower bush turn away, no hide and seek, nor drenching rain. There is just raw face to face sit down emotions that were captured through artful technical angles and shadows.

Musically, this song will have you reaching for the waist of your love and swaying. The musical sense of Mike, Steve, and Raymond Seelochan from Gemini Band combines a time tested melody that rings familiarity yet there are new elements standing out. A sweeping, loving, honest, mellow tone sets the stage for a simple relationship between two people. Sometimes we all forget how simple love can be. It all boils down to two people  being truly honest and giving.

In a complex world of ever striving for the newest and most advanced dynamics, true simplicity stands the test of time. Luv Luv Luv combines the undertones of modernity with time honored traditions. Two people sharing love and affection in an honest setting. We should all look around and have an honest conversation with our loved ones. Share some Luv Luv Luv….    
Video Concept, Director, Camera and Editor:
Neil A. Bacchus

Written By:
Rick Ramdehal
Steve Seelochan
Michael Seelochan
Raymond Seelochan

Music: Gemini Band
Arranged & Produced By:
Steve Seelochan
Michael Seelochan
Raymond Seelochan

Rick Ramdehal & Reina Gonzalez

Steve Seelochan
Michael Seelochan
Raymond Seelochan
Videsh Seelochan

Engineered & Mixed By:
Steve Seelochan
Michael Seelochan

Recorded and Mixed At
Queens, New York
1 718 644 7080

Video Production Assistant:

Video Production Studio:
Stealth Productions
Queens, NY
1 718 322 2111

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You waited long enough Enter the Newbie

If you were following my last few post, there was a missing element. You did not notice? Remember, where I hinted that Gemini Band was collaborating with the old and the new? Take a deep breath, I give you Reina Gonzalez!

Photo Credits: Neil Anthony Bacchus. Pictured: Reina

Reina was born in the home of Chutney and Soca, a little island better known as Trinidad. Hailing from greats who introduced a whole new genre to the world, Reina brings a fresh new spark to the music world. She currently resides in NYC.

Her passion for music transcends all genre, but the rhythmic sounds of R & B, reggae and soca takes her deeper nirvana. In 2010, Reina joined Gemini Band and performed live for the first time. According, to DFlex, she brought the house down!

What’s on the horizon? A collaborative effort with Stealth Productions, Gemini Band, and Rick Ramdehal releasing later this week. Next, her first single teaming up with Stealth Productions and Gemini Band releasing soon.

I had a sneak peek at listening to her sing and watching her performance. I’ll give you this, brace yourself! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Veteran Gemini Band takes the stage

Look around and listen to recent music releases, can you recognize the so called bands? It is very hard to tell who has staying power or who has worked with blazing artistes. Strumming in the background, making good artist sound great has been a quiet veteran, Gemini Band.  

Founding member Ramdeo Seelochan blazed a trail with Gemini Band for the current crop of bands, performers, and musicians. Gemini was the first Indo Caribbean Band to play at Madison Square Garden. Fusion of Bollywood and Soca beats, with the release of Sally Edwards version of Piya Tu Ab To Aja, first echoed from Gemini speakers. Success came with multiple hits from Anand Yankarran, Sally Edwards, Rajdai Singh, Drupattie Ramgoni, Veena Khetani, Salima Mohammed, Terry Gajraj , Rick Ramdehal, DFlex, Jimmel Fortune, Mr. Lee, and Rasheed Bacchus.Gemini brought the house down with Live performances in Florida, Texas, Schenectady, Toronto, Guyana, Trinidad, Maryland, Boston and New York.They played back up for Sparrow, Calypso Rose, Crazy, and Super Blue.

With the exhausting regurgitation of the same old sounds and constant copying of another’s lyrics, the Band has heightened their focus on writing, creating and recording all new and original pieces. A new collaboration with Stealth Productions will sharpen and refocus. New project releasing next week.

Photo credit: Neil Anthony Bacchus. On left Steve, Middle Ray, Right Michael Seelochan

Founding Member: Ramdeo Seelochan

Band Members
Michael Seelochan
Ray Seelochan
Steve Seelochan
Videsh Seelochan
Mr Lee
Reina Gonzalez
Rick Ramdehal
Rasheed Bacchus
Engineers: Ruy and Richie

Saturday, July 20, 2013

West Indians slow down a bit

The sweltering summer heat is causing a major sweat fest in the Americas. People who were born and raised in the Caribbean heat can’t handle a little mercury rising anymore. My guess is our blood got a little thicker with the white powdery stuff dem fariegna call snow. So why add heat to more heat?

Stealth Productions latest project is slowing things down a bit and offering a mellowed out vibe. Veterans and newbies come together with a fresh new take on an old stalwart. In the music world of ever evolving sounds, our Caribbean community seems stuck on regurgitating the same old same old. Over the years and several projects, Stealth Productions aim to break that stigma.

Photo Credit: Neil Anthony Bacchus. Pictured: Rick Ramdehal

Meet Rick Ramdehal, a veteran in his own right, who teamed up with a fresh new voice and a veteran band to mellow out the sounds of old and new. Rick has been honing his skills since 1982, with performances in the US, Canada, Trinidad and England.

Here is Rick Ramdehal’s full performance bio
1982 Started singing career Clyfee Madhu Radio Show W/ Members of the Swar Sangeet Group
Diwali conert W/ Members of the Swar Sangeet Group
1984 Swarangeet band founded W/ Ramdehals Isardat, Dharmendra, Surendra, Devindra
1986 Happy birthday to you Bisram Bhagan Music by Swarangeet
1989 Recorded 3 albums with Devindra Pooran Music by Swarangeet
Shakespeare Competition New York High School Top 5 Finalist
1992 Soca Lambada Terry Gajraj
1997 Musically Yours Swarangeet Music by Swarangeet
1999 Simply Chutney Swarangeet Music by Swarangeet
2000 Bollywood Movie Awards As back up singer to Terry Gajraj Nassau Coliseum
2001 Chutney Soca Monarch Guest Singer Trinidad
2002 Chutney Soca Monarch 6th Place Trinidad
2003 Chutney Soca Monarch
2004 Sexy Dancin’ 1st Solo Album
2007 Bollywood Movie Awards Ecstasy, Sexy Dancin’, In Da Mood W/ D. Flex, Vani (QCQD), Natraj Nassau Coliseum
2007 Released songs In da mood W/ Dutty Flex
All I need W/ Dutty Flex
Thinkin’ bout you W/ Dutty Flex
2011 Dard e dil Music: Surendra, Video: Devindra
2012 Chaand mera dil Music: Surendra, Video: Devindra
2013 Wait for it!

Where is the rest of the project? Slow down it is hot outside. The rest is coming this week.