Friday, March 11, 2011

Hold It. Back Out!

“Hold it. Back Out.” Shouted the “Officer” at Central Immigration and Passport Office in Georgetown, Guyana. He was directing his rampage at me! What did I do? He pointed to the typed and clear taped sign on the door. Discriminatory Sign

Oh, what the hell is that, get a closer look. Yes this is a public building conducting the people’s business at the people’s wishes. Where does “the management” get off dictating dress code to the people of this nation? This reads and looks like a cheap nightclub trying to show that they don’t tolerate rif raf. Am I reading this correct? This is still a nation of the people not an authoritarian regime, right? Did I really miss that much? Is this what they say about people who go away and then go back to a country with turned up noses. My noble friends, please trust that I am by no means a saint and wish to suggest that I too have many hang ups. But a dress code to renew a passport? WTF.

Wait, look at this.Drop pants.

They let this drop pants ass prance around in the building. How the hell can this be more tasteful than a decent pair of cargos? The guy’s underwear is practically jumping out of his butt crack and this is acceptable? How can this be? Major cities are banning this kind of dressing. Not that I agree or disagree with this dress style. But at least there is not underwear mopping up the floor.

Here is a clear sentiment to show how an over haul of the current “rules”---LAWS should reflect the changing times where practical heads and current thinking prevails. This kind of forcing the people to do as they are told is, is, is, is, is, oh you know what I want to say…….

The explanation from an official on a bottled Coke and shave ice break is there are a lot of hooligans who come there and look like rags or “sex workers” Huh? Did he just call the nation of Guyana a bunch of rags and whores? Oh shit I better go put on some long pants and silk shirt with nice patent leather shoes and rub some coconut oil on my hair and skin or suffer the consequences.