Friday, March 4, 2011

Flight to Newark, NJ

Got off to a late start with the alarm not going off or going off and me not hearing or who knows…Half hour late. Still made it to Orlando International Airport on time for baggage check and boarding on JetBlue Airlines. Paid $30 for additional bag. Pre check in was a breeze, off to TSA CHECK POINT Charlie!

Upon arrival there was easily 600 people waiting to get through for early morning flights. I must commend a single TSA officer for directing all travellers to a smooth and effortless scanning procedure. No, there were no naked pictures. Just the regular walk of shame barefooted.  All set, a short wait, smooth flight, and a little wait at the airport for a ride from my aunt. Wait did I say that my aunt who has lived in Newark, NJ for 19 years and been driving for a little less, has never driven to the airport? Oh yes…..she had direction from  sleepy head cousin.