Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Journey from Cheddi Jagan Airport to Corriverton.

Mini bus loaded with luggage and passengers, music blasted, windows rolled down and off we went. Holy crap this was really it I AM HERE. This scenario played out for about 10 minutes until my mom started feeling dizzy and light headed. We pulled over at a police station and the kind but reluctant officer let her use the restroom. Back onboard all set. Off we went. Closer to the airport were smaller less well built homes alongside better structures. The scenery was dotted with farms and wide open lands. Mini buses, cars, motor bikes, cattle, sheep, and people all vied for road time. The tremendous morning sun was at full throttle making good use of me not getting a chance to put on some deodorant before leaving the plane. Okay I was a little ripe, well maybe a lot more.

As we got closer to Georgetown, the capital city, it was evident that this was the nerve center of everything. All the hustle and bustle of an under developed capital city came to play in driving on the out skirts to avoid major traffic. We ventured into the main mini bus and car parking lot only to be confronted by the heavy odor of urine and shit. Yes literally, the place smelled like shit. I actually even discovered a bag of the brown stuff on the streets as we parked to make a pit stop for bananas. My mom gagged, we left.

Driving on the coast one could not help but be marveled at the great new constructed houses next the old ones. Homes that would sell for 4-5 millions in Florida was easily spurting up every where for about G$10,000.00 according to our trusty mini bus driver. Not sure if this figure is accurate but it sounds reasonable enough. The building craze stretched all the way to Corriverton. Where the heck are these people getting the money? Mansions like Tiger Wood’s in Windermere, Florida and celebrity homes in Beverly Hills seems replicated here in the hundreds. What am I doing wrong? The road condition was not so bad and the traffic to all you cry babies were not so crazy either. Still not convinced that I can’t drive here. But very concerned about animals sharing the road way. Very scary when a dog stands in the middle of the road and one unable to tell which way they are going. My heart was in my throat every time we encountered and animal. I thought if it was Rio. Goodness, I shudder at the thought. But arrived safely and immediately family drama unfolded. Soap opera!!!!