Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The quintessential Guyanese home.

Finally, I found a piece of heaven on earth. Though all the mayhem and crazy stuff going on here there was a little part of peace and serenity.

I went to visit an uncle’s family today. He lost the battle with cancer. But if his home is a testament to the way he lived then he is smiling today. I knew Uncle Jai as a little boy growing up. He took me for long rides on his bicycle and always picked fruits for me from the various trees in the yard. As a cane cutter he always had a very sharp cutlass which he would make small chore of peeling cane with.

Uncle Jai’s home is behind his mother’s. A long walkway leads to the back lot which opens up to the most serene lush tropical setting. Six macaws cheerily greets when guests enters, parrots, monkeys, pigeons, ducks, chickens, cats, and goats join in. The tropical symphony is muted by gorgeous foliage and  flowers. The backyard is a tranquil getaway with a hammock hanging in such a way that it is shaded, but the cool river breeze washes away all stress. With animals singing and chirping it would seem like this is the perfect home, until one meets the genuine hospitality from this family.

The mom just opens her home and let us just say that the daughter should be leading a team of five star hospitality professionals. This kind open hearted young lady was the most gracious person I’ve met in Guyana. Had I not have to leave on Wed I would be spending a lot of time there. Without me responding to a question whether or not I wanted a coconut she was already reaching into a bunch of coconuts hanging from a tree, before the answer came from my mouth she was already smiling and cutting with a cutlass like a pro, maybe she got it from her dad. Before I could say no thank you to mangos there was a bag full of the smallest most succulent little darlings I every laid lips on. Then the cherry and fat poke showed up. All this time with a smile and intelligent conversation. This type of hospitality comes from a genuine desire to please. May god bless her and grant her family all that they desire. RIP uncle Jai.