Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don’t move me!

The car flipped three times avoiding an oncoming truck with high beams on into a dry roadside ditch  The driver was pulled out by helpful people on the scene, but the passenger in the front seat refused help and order everyone to stay clear of him. Prince had the mental capacity to know exactly what had happened and how he was going to get out of the car.

Prince’s friend had to make a fish delivery to Guyana Fisheries at #66 Village, Corentyne, Berbice, Guyana. DSCF0125As very close friends he asked Prince to tag along. After the delivery, there were other people in the car. When the front passenger seat was vacant, Prince’s friend asked for him to join him up front. Then came the fast rolling high beam truck.

As the first flip happened Prince pulled the seat lever to lay flat, the second flip had his spine against the gear shift knob, and the third flip had him feeling coldness on his legs. He knew that there was spinal injury. As people tried to free him, Prince had the mental capacity to tell them to stay clear as he used his arms to break free of the wreckage. He was transported to Skeldon Hospital.

Upon arrival the nurse wanted to give him a sleeping pill to ease the discomfort. He knew there was no feelings in his legs and that it had to be looked at. No doctor was available to look at him until the morning. He demanded to be transferred to New Amsterdam hospital. The nurse refused. Since everyone knew him, a friend got the ambulance driver to come take him anyway. At New Amsterdam hospital he spent 11 days with no X Ray, since the machine was down. The driver of the vehicle that Prince was riding in when the accident occurred , his friend, took him to Prashad Nagar Hospital in Georgetown. He spent 14 months there with treatment but still could never walk again. His family survived with the generosity of a community that Prince represented and dealt with in dignity and respect. His struggle continues…..