Monday, March 7, 2011

NJ/NYC Transportation.

What a pleasant experience! It has been probably about 12 years or so since I travelled the NJ/NYC route by train. I was pleasantly surprised that from Penn Station in NJ it was very easy to figure out where to go and how to get to NYC. Ticketing counter was extremely courteous and helpful. Nice. Getting from 34th St to MTA F train to Queens was a nice brisk walk. Even nicer was the information booth attendant. The armed camo guards throughout 34 th St and F train station made me feel like big brother was watching out for me. I must say that 21 yrs ago when I rode the F train back and forth to Manhattan it was dirty and smelly with bums all over the place. I particularly looked and did not see any bums on the station. Maybe they were out to lunch after the morning rush hour. Very clean and comfortable ride. Kudos for improving NJ/NYC commute.