Sunday, November 2, 2014

Minh Pham Eagle Scout Project for National Vietnam War Museum in Oviedo

Minh Pham was born in Vietnam. He immigrated to the US as a little child. His father and I went to college together. When he was born we were sitting in class side by side. After class his father made the phone call to receive his son into this world.

Minh Pham and his father Tony Pham

Here is a Flickr link to my entire Photo Album of this wonderful activity.

The Vietnam War has a direct impact on this family. Minh's grandfather, a South Vietnamese police captain, was a prisoner of war. Minh's father has shared countless haunting stories with me about this ordeal.

Minh Pham Eagle Scout Presentation

As fate would have it, the entire family is now living in the US. Minh saw a need for proper signage on displays at the National Vietnam War Memorial in Oviedo and made it into his Eagle Scout project. At the same time giving a nod to the men and women who fought for his country of birth.

I am a veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm. Even though I did not serve in Vietnam, I was touched by his gesture to honor those who served. Although, this National Vietnam War Museum seeks to honor all veterans. Until Minh told me about this project sometime ago, I did not know this place existed. He achieved one goal of raising my awareness and here is hoping I can raise yours.

On behalf of all veterans I am honored that you, Minh Pham, recognize our service. It just goes to show the character of well groomed young people.