Thursday, July 28, 2011

Take the extended hand, it may not be there tomorrow.

Guyana gov't not impressed with US Embassy's visiting professor | 2011/07/27/ | Latest

Two conflicting sides of the same situation presented it self in the Guyanese Newspaper yesterday. One newspaper reported that a prominent Guyanese public official was not impressed with the visiting US Political Science professor. While another mentioned the issues he addressed.

The public official did not attack the issues raised but went after the professors credibility. Several comments on both newspapers were for and against the Political Scientist's position. The alarming issue was how many people went after the very accomplished gentleman's credibility. Having read through both newspaper articles both were in agreement reporting the professor's qualifications. So the man was qualified on the subject, but when the argument does not fit he gets put down on credibility?

Does not seem like a fair argument, right? Why not argue the issues? State a reason why the professor's position is irrelevant to Guyana. Not just, he does not know what he is talking about. Why would a Harvard educated political science Ph.D travel to Guyana and talk nonsense? The professor has done this same kind of assessments in many other countries. Don't think they are talking trash to him. The issue here is the clear disregard of another opinion.

Is this the pulse of a nation? There are other reports on newspapers, social media sites, and individuals that indicates the disapproval of "outside" opinions. In a conversation with an "outside" person and a local, the local said, "Man gawn so, you from outside, you naw know nothing about Guyana." People actually feel this way. Is it that there have been too many "outside" people who feels that because they are from a foreign country that they know more than Guyanese? Or are Guyanese feeling that they have heard enough about how bad their country is?

The natural instincts of man is to protect and honor his ways. Continuous reminder of how bad things are and how incorrect everything is done will eventually lead to people feeling dismayed. No one wants to be told how bad things are. Where are the solutions? Show the solutions to the issues, not the issues. It is no secret that there are several systems which can use some adjusting. There are several things that over time have eroded. Whether it is man's faults, nature's fault, or some outer world's misalignment of the stars. Things have gotten off the rails. Everyone knows that. Well, instead of keep pointing out that glaring reality, focus on a solution.

On the other hand, it is okay to listen and take note. Most people who even attempt to engage in any way, have Guyana's best interest at heart. There is absolutely nothing wrong with listening to a different opinion. Agreement or disagreement brings about a healthy civil engagement that may even turn out beneficial. Personal attacks is counter-productive. A new and novel idea when combined with a a tried practice may create a strong deep solution. Why block an idea or theory? At the end of the day "outsiders" will be just that, on the outside. Guyanese living in Guyana will be the ones making the decisions as to which direction they want to take. "Outsiders" can just share their knowledge, passion, and time. So step up and take the hand extended, it may not be there tomorrow.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Negativity-The Curse of Progress.

Guyana President Wants Regional Good News TV - Caribbean Community Online, Inc./Caribcomm

If we continuously focus on the negative we stifle the positive. All too often as a society we are more focused on the negative rather than promote the positive. We shoot ourselves in the foot and stand in the path of progress.

There was a recent article in the Kaieteur News Paper, where the editor defended their decision to publish graphic images of a gruesome accident. Another article from the same newspaper depicted the slaying of a dog. I fully understand the position of accurately reporting events as they occur, but at whose cost? The victims? There is a very graphic nature of events that occur in Guyana where publishing a story for shock value only serves to give more credibility to heinous actions. What happens to the young impressionable minds who come across these bloody front pages? Wow, look at that. That is so “cruel”. They romanticize the word “cruel”. That is disturbing. From the media this negativity rolls into local communities.

Negativity brews at the local level of municipal development. Recently, a local Chamber of Commerce was attacked by a campaigning party official on a social networking site. There is one thing to run a political campaign about what the current administration is doing wrong and then there is cheering for progress. Without all the facts political mudslinging only paints a nasty picture. The facts show a different image altogether. This particular Chamber of Commerce has been the singular driving force of development for a long time. So even in a political season, why try to discredit where credit is due. Celebrate their success and build on it. Not tear it down. Major organizations trickle to individuals.

Over the past several years there is a growing number of individuals and or groups engaging in Charitable work on a grass root level or online. They are all working to assist and ease the burden of poverty to the less fortunate of Guyana. There are individuals or small groups who gather things amongst themselves and help their immediate family or neighborhoods back home. Then there are larger more organized groups who conduct major fund raising events. There are online forums, lead by individuals or groups of people, who raise awareness and invoke conscious discussions as to situations in various parts of Guyana. All of these good hearted people are supposedly working towards the same goal. Would it not be beneficial if they work in harmony and respect each other, rather than mudsling and block each other’s activities?

It would seem that the norm is to take sides of individuals or groups and then attempt to distort the work of others. How can this bring about any progress? Our society is such that a we show the negative of each other in order to achieve our own positive. Does not seem to make sense, does it? Old wounds from a time gone by, past child hood experiences, past school yard disputes, past work disputes, past rum shop arguments, past bottom house disagreements are rearing its ugly head to hinder progress and success in each other’s effort. Why can’t we put the past behind us, stop the negativity and move forward as a strong force to change and success?

This piece of land that our forefathers banded together and fought so hard for is now being torn apart by us. We, with our negativity, are in the path of progress. All of us should put our differences aside and reach across our yards to our neighbors and hold on. Let us band together to raise our children, as the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Let us put our collective minds together to find a way to better educate the youths. Let us reach out with open arms and embrace our brothers and sisters who are too distraught to threat their children with dignity. Let us show compassion and love so the next generation of Guyanese will lift themselves out of this negative state of mind. Of course there are going to be some of us who just will not move. Go away with your negativity and let the ones who are ready to embrace and band together effect change, progress, and success.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Man brutally chopped by stepfather : Kaieteur News

Man brutally chopped by stepfather : Kaieteur News
This is a total blatant disregard of human life. What deep rooted distaste for another person would lead to taking a weapon and brandishing it with an intent to create extreme bodily harm? More so, how can this raw image of bloodiness be spattered all over the front page. Is this celebrated?

Dying child gave horror story of sexual abuse : Kaieteur News

Dying child gave horror story of sexual abuse : Kaieteur News
How many more young lives have to be destroyed before this sick senseless practice will stop? Did this happen in a remote area where no one was around? No. It happened in a community who is now up in arms. Up in arms to whom? Shifting the blame when they know exactly who it is will never stop this. These monsters must know that communities will not only jump up and down after the fact but stand up for their children. Adults, are the protectors. It takes a village to raise a child. Where are the protectors? Hollering about the government. Don't shift blame on to someone else. Naw me job man. Crap! Take responsibility for your children, protect them!

Animal rescue tourism

Animal rescue tourism
The reason that someone like Jason can spend his vacation rescuing animals is that he was brought up that way. The early attention to learning and understanding animals builds a foundation for a society to threat animals humanely. In the US, kids are thought to love and threat animals as part of their family. More than often animals are companions to infants. Adults allow kids to practice bonding, sharing, and caring with animals so that they can acquire and transfer these skills to humans. The way a society treat its animals correlates to the same way they treat their neighbors. Until this fundamental concept of treating animals humanely is realized, the horrific inhumane treatment of animals will continue.  

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A gut-wrenching day, two decades later : Kaieteur News

A gut-wrenching day, two decades later : Kaieteur News

This is the same story told over and over again by several people. It is not that anyone is pointing a finger or putting Guyana down. On the contrary, while other parts of the world strive to develop, time has stood still on one plot of land while the plot right next to it strives. Startling.

Over the past two decades there has been many great improvements in Guyana. No doubt. But more can be done. The very essence of this society is being neglected. Youths. Extreme poverty in certain areas continue from generations to generations. There are still kids who does not believe in an education or the necessity for schooling. Their parents were never encouraged to develop themselves from their parents and this cycle continues today. If this cycle is not broken soon, an entire generation will turn another cycle for how many more years?

There are more hand outs than Laparkan Shipping and Western Union can handle. When are people going to be given the tools to survive rather than the materials to show off. Why should they work or try to develop their housing schemes when "foreign money a come"? Overseas families partially share this blame.   We work and break our backs to send for our families while they "shake a hammock with a bottle of Stay Home Darling". We are enabling and at the same time tossing the blame on government. In order for this country to develop and stand on it's own, there has to be a fundamental shift in thinking and actions from all sons and daughters of the land. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The necessity of having highly trained teachers

The necessity of having highly trained teachers

On this day as Teacher Madan Kumar is sent to his final resting place, let us all take a moment and reflect on his role in our life. Those of us who were fortunate to be in his class will testify to his passion for teaching and educating. He was a strict and ardent purveyor of knowledge. His colleagues will sing graces of his easy going temperament. His friends will remember a stunner on the cricket field. 

Teacher Madan, you have touched the lives of so many in various ways that we will forever be grateful. Rest in Peace, Sir. Rest in Peace.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Canawaima Ferry Stelling from Corriverton to Nickerie.

Canawaima ferry ends 2010 strong
Who remembers when this ferry crossing was just a dream, empty promise, or campaign slogan? Now look at it. A shining beacon which shows that progress is possible.
As a kid living and growing up in Guyana circa 70s and 80s, Road End was as far as we could go. It was either the final turn on a leisure drive with my grandfather or on my bicycle with my friends. I always wondered what was beyond the bush? There was always stories from a local farmer about the raw beauty of Moleson Creek area. There were tales of lawlessness in the marijuana trade. Today, tells a different tale.
What was once only an aspiration has become a reality. The Road End no longer exists. There is now an endless road. A brand spanking new road extends beyond the old Road End. This road goes all the way to the New Canawaima Ferry Stelling and beyond. I am told that the paved road will extend all the way to Orealla, perhaps Brazil? One could only speculate.
Along the road are several farms and cattle rearing activities. Not surprising, there was a small hotel. Clearly this is still an area ripe and ready for development. Although very agricultural in nature I could see many areas of shear bush. This could be the new frontier of growth.
We arrived at the stelling in the late afternoon after the ferry operations had stopped. The gate was closed. A guard informed us that for a nominal entrance fee we could still walk around to see the buildings and grounds. A nominal fee. Wonder where that money was going and how did they account for that? Tourism dollars?
There was a Amerindian cleaning crew busy at work. I have to say these buildings and compound were extremely clean. There was a waiting area outfitted with a small snack counter and several televisions. Restrooms were very clean. The lawn was well trimmed and acute. There definitely was pride in the upkeep if this facility.
A beacon of hope, a shining light to show the way, a structure of pride and joy. This is the fruits of progress. This is how a community rise with glistening glints in their eyes and chest full of pride.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Core Rules of Netiquette -- Excerpted from Netiquette by Virginia Shea --

The Core Rules of Netiquette -- Excerpted from Netiquette by Virginia Shea --

Since this is a new group, we wanted to share this short insightful book with you. As in any social situations we are to conduct ourselves accordingly. Please allow the simple netiquette outlined here to guide our interactions.

Naturally, issues about Guyana are close and dear to all of us. Tempers flare and language gets very colorful. We cannot stress enough the importance of civility, humility, common courtesy, and respect for each other. In as much as this is an open forum where we encourage healthy civil discussions and debate, this is not anyone's personal soap box. We ask that you refrain from personal attacks using derogatory language and names of people.

As in any civilized forum, we reserve the right to delete inappropriate post, up to banning a member from the group. In as much as we want to promote a healthy discussion we also want to provide a safe group for members.

Let's enjoy the Conversation.