Thursday, April 28, 2011

Could this be the escape and evade route for the 16 year old drug pusher?

  Guyana- Suriname backtrack operations continue daily : Kaieteur News

Entrance next to Reno Nite Spot.
Entrance close to the old Radio City Cinema 

As I took a morning stroll along the #78 Village Public Road, I couldn't help but notice the group of people gathered in front of two seemingly empty storefronts. Curiosity kills the cat or unearths smuggling in high daylight. As I approached the group, few people asked if I wanted to exchange currency or go to Suriname? Ah ha, I got it! This was the entrance to the famous underground, no very open, "back track route". There are several entrances from the public road to the seawall. This makeshift area has seating sheds, a jetty for boats to dock, snackettes, and of course the ever present people who arrange for a boat to transport people or goods or anything one desires. 

Snackette Seating

Time out! Isn't this whole "back track thing" illegal? How is it that this place is so well built? It seems like an established well run operation.  Did I say that this entire seawall operation is not more than 100 yards from the Police Station?  Oh yea. Puzzled?. Could this be a very possible escape and evade route for the 16 year old drug pusher? After all, my sources informed me that his family operates one of the snackettes along the seawall. Possible right? 

Why was the new stelling built? This could be a very legal, safe, secure, and profitable operation for the locals. They are doing it anyway, why not legitimize and control the safe transfer of people and goods? This would at least make it harder for any illegal transfer. But what do I know, I am a "foreigner"! 


#78 Sawmill 
Waiting Shed