Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Your legacy lives on……

My Facebook inbox blinked 1 message, I checked it, message from my cousin in Guyana my Aunt passed…sigh….here we go again. Did I not just bury an uncle? What the hell is going on?

My aunt is the rock who stabled my uncle through his tumultuous years. During his time of being a “bad man” running around #78 Village with a cutlass drunk off his ass, creating havoc and mischief, she stood by him. She was there for it all. I am sure that there were times when she wanted to leave but she stayed.

When I lived in Guyana, some 21 years ago, I clearly remembered her with 3 little kids in tow, tending to the house and cooking some amazing meals. She always had and offered something to eat. When the big bad man started to get on she would retreat quietly into her house and not come out. Frail and timid but was there for her kids and always with a smile.

During my recent visit, she changed a lot. She was now in charge of her affairs. I am sure that she had the biggest role to play in teaching her big bad husband that life could still be lived in a humble way. She turned him around to being a soft gentle, easy going guy. A man who is not afraid to let his soft side show. This was an amazing turnaround. I am so humbled that she stood by him and worked it through.

Her daughters have grown into beautiful and caring young ladies with families of their own . One has achieved the very noble goal of home ownership with her husband, a Tapir driver, and their kids. She has made a very simple and cozy home. The other, her husband and kids run a grocery store at her “bottom house”. Her entrepreneurial spirit strives for a good life.  Her son is a very strong and dedicated young man. After figuring out that academics was not for him, he went to work in a mechanical work shop. For several years now this very quiet young man is honing his skills in all aspects of the mechanical trade. He works and brings his money to his mother. She showed him how to save his money for a better future.

My dear aunt, you are an inspiration to all of us who walk this path. You never gave up on family and love. You always showed a good face to anyone. You were caring, loving, and shared even when you did not have. Now you are in a place of rest. May your spiritual guider take you with loving arms as your earthly work lives on in your children and grand children. May you rest in Peace.