Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update—Crack, Sex, and High School Dropout, Now Girl School—Corrected.

I apologize for my sources in the previous post for giving me incorrect information. The 14 year old is not in “girl school”.

Days prior to the last foreigner leaving, the young drug pusher confronted the 14 year old somewhere outside of her high school with a knife. She screamed and ran between her friends to hide. Her attacker ran away.

The last foreigner left at noon, in the evening the 14 year old never came home. Three days later her father hobbled on his one remaining leg to the local police station to file a missing persons report. The 14 year old’s family lead the police to the young drug pusher’s family home where they suspected all along that the young girl was being kept. Female ranks went in and rescued the juvenile.

She recounted that the drug pusher threatened her with violence against her family so she went with him. The police took her to the hospital for a medical examination. Doctors reported that the young lady has been sexual active since around age 12 and evidence are consistent with rape.

The young girl is being kept in personal protection by the police at an undisclosed location with access by her family for food and clothes. The local magistrate issued a warrant for arresting the young drug pusher on charges of rape and kidnapping of a minor. There is a sentencing hearing next Thursday pending the fugitive arrest.

We hold our breaths and pray to our divine ones that justice is served and this young lady can try to put the pieces of her fragile life together. Here is hoping that cooler heads and kinder hearts do the right thing and take this situation seriously so that this does not happen to another young lady. This is a opportunity for the justice system to shine. For the humanitarian community to reach out and envelope a hopeless child and for all of us to open our eyes and find a way to prevent this from happening again.