Thursday, April 21, 2011

She is home, but HE is still out there!

The 14 year old, who was in police protection in Corriverton, Guyana, is home tonight with her family. Her alleged kidnapper and rapist is still out there. The authorities were unable to apprehend this little rascal. How can a 16 year old elude the mighty Guyana Police Force? Who is aiding and abiding this fugitive and why can’t the police find him? Although, the magistrate in Corriverton upheld a warrant for his arrest.

The magistrate also placed the 14 year old in the custody of her uncle a Community Police Officer. He is to report all activities to his superiors on a daily basis until the suspect is in custody. The young lady will still live with her grandmother and father. She is to attend school everyday and complete all assigned tasks. In as much as she is a victim in this situation, the magistrate reiterated that she must include all of her family members in her life so as to create a ring of protection.

Will the little scoundrel come out of hiding to inflict harm on his victim? Will this family be able to give protection? Will the police be able to capture this menace to society? How many more little girls’ innocence must be taken before society puts a stop to this? No one sees, no one hears, no one acts. Where are the morals of a community? Do not blame the government, blame yourselves for letting this happen to your children. Get up, stand up, band together, and create an iron circle to protect the young and innocent so this does not happen ever again to anyone.

We hold our breaths while he is still at large.