Tuesday, July 23, 2013

You waited long enough Enter the Newbie

If you were following my last few post, there was a missing element. You did not notice? Remember, where I hinted that Gemini Band was collaborating with the old and the new? Take a deep breath, I give you Reina Gonzalez!

Photo Credits: Neil Anthony Bacchus. Pictured: Reina

Reina was born in the home of Chutney and Soca, a little island better known as Trinidad. Hailing from greats who introduced a whole new genre to the world, Reina brings a fresh new spark to the music world. She currently resides in NYC.

Her passion for music transcends all genre, but the rhythmic sounds of R & B, reggae and soca takes her deeper nirvana. In 2010, Reina joined Gemini Band and performed live for the first time. According, to DFlex, she brought the house down!

What’s on the horizon? A collaborative effort with Stealth Productions, Gemini Band, and Rick Ramdehal releasing later this week. Next, her first single teaming up with Stealth Productions and Gemini Band releasing soon.

I had a sneak peek at listening to her sing and watching her performance. I’ll give you this, brace yourself!