Sunday, July 21, 2013

Veteran Gemini Band takes the stage

Look around and listen to recent music releases, can you recognize the so called bands? It is very hard to tell who has staying power or who has worked with blazing artistes. Strumming in the background, making good artist sound great has been a quiet veteran, Gemini Band.  

Founding member Ramdeo Seelochan blazed a trail with Gemini Band for the current crop of bands, performers, and musicians. Gemini was the first Indo Caribbean Band to play at Madison Square Garden. Fusion of Bollywood and Soca beats, with the release of Sally Edwards version of Piya Tu Ab To Aja, first echoed from Gemini speakers. Success came with multiple hits from Anand Yankarran, Sally Edwards, Rajdai Singh, Drupattie Ramgoni, Veena Khetani, Salima Mohammed, Terry Gajraj , Rick Ramdehal, DFlex, Jimmel Fortune, Mr. Lee, and Rasheed Bacchus.Gemini brought the house down with Live performances in Florida, Texas, Schenectady, Toronto, Guyana, Trinidad, Maryland, Boston and New York.They played back up for Sparrow, Calypso Rose, Crazy, and Super Blue.

With the exhausting regurgitation of the same old sounds and constant copying of another’s lyrics, the Band has heightened their focus on writing, creating and recording all new and original pieces. A new collaboration with Stealth Productions will sharpen and refocus. New project releasing next week.

Photo credit: Neil Anthony Bacchus. On left Steve, Middle Ray, Right Michael Seelochan

Founding Member: Ramdeo Seelochan

Band Members
Michael Seelochan
Ray Seelochan
Steve Seelochan
Videsh Seelochan
Mr Lee
Reina Gonzalez
Rick Ramdehal
Rasheed Bacchus
Engineers: Ruy and Richie