Thursday, July 25, 2013

Grab your partner and Luv Luv Luv

Pop into the club, turn on your favorite mobile listening device, visit your family, go to the hundreds of outdoor reunions this summer; what are you hearing? Another rum song or derogative commentary on women. Whatever happened to luv and family?

Photo Credit: Nadeer Bacchus. Pictured Standing Neil, Steve, Mike, Ray. Sitting Rick, DFlex, Reina.

Stealth Productions, Gemini Band, Rick Ramdehal, and Reina Gonzalez set out to embrace love and return to family structure, this summer, with their new release of Luv Luv Luv. The raspy lyrical male voice of Rick sets the stage for a simple display of love to Reina. Her honey suckle pronouncing of “baby” brings sincerity and trust to the relationship. There is genuine chemistry and true affection with complex overtones and melodious balladry.

On a shoestring budget and keeping it simple, Neil Anthony Bacchus of Stealth Productions with assistance from DFlex, conceptualized and directed a scene played out in every loving couple’s living room. A steadfast declaration of love. There isn’t any big bells and whistles, with dramatic sceneries, and certainly no flower bush turn away, no hide and seek, nor drenching rain. There is just raw face to face sit down emotions that were captured through artful technical angles and shadows.

Musically, this song will have you reaching for the waist of your love and swaying. The musical sense of Mike, Steve, and Raymond Seelochan from Gemini Band combines a time tested melody that rings familiarity yet there are new elements standing out. A sweeping, loving, honest, mellow tone sets the stage for a simple relationship between two people. Sometimes we all forget how simple love can be. It all boils down to two people  being truly honest and giving.

In a complex world of ever striving for the newest and most advanced dynamics, true simplicity stands the test of time. Luv Luv Luv combines the undertones of modernity with time honored traditions. Two people sharing love and affection in an honest setting. We should all look around and have an honest conversation with our loved ones. Share some Luv Luv Luv….    
Video Concept, Director, Camera and Editor:
Neil A. Bacchus

Written By:
Rick Ramdehal
Steve Seelochan
Michael Seelochan
Raymond Seelochan

Music: Gemini Band
Arranged & Produced By:
Steve Seelochan
Michael Seelochan
Raymond Seelochan

Rick Ramdehal & Reina Gonzalez

Steve Seelochan
Michael Seelochan
Raymond Seelochan
Videsh Seelochan

Engineered & Mixed By:
Steve Seelochan
Michael Seelochan

Recorded and Mixed At
Queens, New York
1 718 644 7080

Video Production Assistant:

Video Production Studio:
Stealth Productions
Queens, NY
1 718 322 2111