Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mother recounts horrible tale of sexually-molested child

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The mother of the five year- old girl from Berbice who was raped earlier this week said her daughter is in stable condition at the Intensive Care Unit of a Berbice hospital. The mother said that her daughter began responding to relatives, eating regularly and showing encouraging signs of recovery following emergency procedures to save her life last Friday night.

She explained that the profuse bleeding from the child’s genitals has been substantially reduced, and the child seemed to be regaining strength but complains of pain in the abdomen, legs and genitals. Several relatives who showed up to see the young child could not help but register their rage over the atrocity, and called for a speedy and robust investigation into the crime.

The child’s mother recalled the horror of her daughter being taken from her home and sexually molested.

She said on the night in question, she, the child and her two- year- old son were next door at her mother- in- law’s house waiting for her husband, who lives and work as a farmhand in a Caribbean island, to call them for the holidays. The children got impatient, so she took them back to their house, helped them settle on a mattress on the floor, and then returned next door after securing the door from the outside with a ‘ keylie’ [ small piece of wood attached to a post by a nail to secure door or window]. Her eldest daughter, the six- year- old, was spending the night with her maternal grandmother some distance away in the same village.

The mother said she later checked on the children and they were resting where she had left them. Sometime around midnight, she decided to go home having grown tired herself, but to her surprise when she entered the house and looked in on the children, the five- year- old was missing.

Frantic over her daughter’s disappearance, the woman woke up her husband’s relatives and the neighbours, but no one had seen the child. Eventually after much frustration and anxiety, the Reliance Police Station was called to lend support, but to no avail.

“ I called Reliance Police Station … they say, ‘ How long she missing?’; I say ‘ Not too long from now but she is five years old’. They ask me which part I think she gone, I say ‘ Me ain’t know’… they say ‘ Arite report the matter tomorrow morning, if she ain’t come home’… I say ‘ She is a five year- old, I can’t wait fo she come home … I think she sleep walking’.” The search continued with the aid of a light and persons calling out for the child. According to the mother, about several house lots away, in the darkness, in some thick vegetation, she heard the voice of her daughter responding to her call.

The mother said she started to shout out the child’s name and following the response she ran into a very thick clump of vegetation aback the village alone to rescue the child. She stated that the men who were with her were afraid to venture into the bushes, and did not go into them, even though she pleaded with them.

The child was found standing with her clothing intact but drenched in mud and water, not knowing where she was in the darkness.

The child was eventually taken home, cleaned up, and put to bed. All this while she did not complain of pain and the mother felt that she had been walking in her sleep even though that had never happened before.

Sometime after, the child’s father called and the mother related what had happened.

The woman said she then decided to spend the night at her mother- in- law’s house.Subsequently, the child asked to go to the bathroom to urine, and it was then that blood started pouring down her legs. It was at this time they family realised something horrible had happened.

“ I went upstairs, pull down back she pants and put she pun de sponge and me tell she ‘ open you foot easy, let mommy check’ and when I checked she vagina bus up,” the mother related.

While rushing the child to the hospital, the mother questioned her, and she told her about a man throwing her down in the bushes earlier and drenching her in mud and water.

The molested child had to receive an undisclosed amount of blood, and sustained severe physical and emotional scars. The mother related that on Wednesday the child was talking but seemed stressed.

Even though the mother of the child has named someone she suspected may have committed the crime, police said there has been no breakthrough. Police said nine persons were detained, but had to be released due to the lack of credible and substantial evidence to place any charge.

What would you do if this happens to your child?