Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lalwa is finally Silenced

On this auspicious day, a man who is known as a loud mouth, bully, thief, vagabond, general trouble maker is going to meet his maker. On Saturday 12/10/2011, he lost a long battle with cancer. Some may say he is going to get what is coming to him.

Lalwa is guilty as charged. But the man I know is not the same person. He lived opposite my home in Line Path A. As a little boy growing up, he was always there. There were times he disappeared, those were the times spent in jail. His yard was fertile with mango, cherry, genip, guava, and a coconut tree. Being the “Bad man” he was no kid dared go pick his fruits. I was allowed. Actually, he picked and gave me those fruits. If a kid was accompanied by me, we could raid his trees. He was kind and gentle to many people who lived on our street and fiercely protective of all.

I clearly remembered one incident when there was a group of men going around every night creating havoc and mayhem, stealing peoples belongs. One such night, these men made the dreaded mistake of coming into our yard. Our old dog, Rio, barked his little old head off. Lalwa emerged from his house with his weapon of choice, a cane cutter’s cutlass. He was a one man army. Most of that night was a blur, but when he came back he was covered in blood, not his. Needless to say during the crazy 70s and 80s not a single soul bothered us or anyone on our street ever again.

For his constant vigil over my family and our neighbors I thank him. Today Ram, as was his given name, you depart this earth and you knew this day would come. You have lived your life by your own ways. More people should have gotten to know the side of you that I knew. It has been 22 years since I ate a fruit from your yard, but I will always remember the kindness and protection you bestowed upon me. Rest in Peace my old Protector and friend, rest in peace.