Thursday, December 15, 2011

GDF, China sign $ 157M accord

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Chief- of- Staff Commodore Gary Best and Chinese Ambassador Yu Wenzhe on Wednesday signed a military aid agreement valued five million Yuan ( G$ 157,032,600).

According to a GDF release, the aid reflects similar assistance provided over the years, geared at enhancing the GDF's defence capabilities. At the simple ceremony, Commodore Best highlighted the good relations which the Guyana Defence Force and the People's Liberation Army of China have enjoyed.

He said the force continues to be grateful for the assistance it has received and pledged commitment to the bilateral arrangements the two militaries share.

Ambassador Yu Wenzhe described the bilateral relationship between the two militaries as excellent, particularly in the areas of training and high- level seminars.

He added that this recent aid is another gesture of friendship and solidarity which Guyana and China enjoy.