Thursday, May 5, 2011

For Sale--12 year old girl in #78 Village. G$50,000.

Man accused of raping 12-year-old girl; proposes $50,000 to settle matter : Kaieteur News

The landlord is covering for his friend and giving this family a choice of accepting the pay off money or move out. Outrageous! I am not naive to know that there are sick, bad people in this world. They exist everywhere, in the States, Canada, Guyana, EVERYWHERE. In most societies there are laws and organizations whose sole purpose is to put a stop to this and protect the children. However, even the most aggressive securities cannot function without participation of a community. Why would anyone protect these monsters? Ever heard of aiding and abiding? When one helps in the committing or cover up of a criminal act they are as guilty as the actual perpetrator.

Why is it so difficult to enforce the written laws in such a small country? Forget the corruption for a minute. In my dealings with people in a public capacity, in Guyana, there seems to be this order of things are black and white. If the situation does not fit into what they were thought or told then there are no other situations. It is a narrow look at public welfare. It does not seem like anyone thinks outside the box nor are willing, capable, or able to do so. It is either this way or that way and no matter what the other way exists they have no interest in looking at it. The blame has always been given to the police or the government.

Is the government or the police living daily in your village? NO. Why are the locals not standing up for themselves? A village does not grow if they cannot live in harmony. There can be no peace, security, nor stability if neighbors refuse to look out for each other. It starts at the grass roots. There are numerous areas all over Guyana where neighbors are like family. They look out for each other and take care of each other. Most of them have grown up together and their fathers and mothers lived the same way. Some have moved in and grown to respect their neighbors. Why is #78 Village not able to protect their children? All it really takes is eyes and ears. These days every little child and adult has a cell phone, not forgetting a home phone. Why can't they call and report suspicious activities? Why can't a neighbor and another neighbor and another neighbor look into something suspicious? Where is the spirit of community policing gone? Why are they so afraid of each other?

Children can't even go to their parents for help. They have to report to the school teachers. What has happened in the home? Children does not trust their parents? Where is the love, trust, and comfort of a home? This seems to be a trend in #78 Village. Parents are inadequate in protecting and raising their children. Although, there are families who live in harmony and love. I have seen families who spend a lot time together and parents who have a vested interest in their children lives. These are isolated but they do exist. Maybe some work shop on parenting skills would assist these families who are failing to protect and raise another generation.

There needs to be more community partnerships and bonding. Neighbors must come together and look out for each other. Skills must be shared with others who are lacking. Children must be protected and cared for. The authorities has to play a leading role to increasing resources to this village but it is the residents' responsibility to govern their village. Someone had to vote for a mayor. Even if the elections were rigged, some had to let the current officer stay in office. Stand up and reclaim your village or lose it all. Some one from the US can not be allowed to come into #78 Village and rape a 12 year old girl and then offer G$50,000 to shut the family up.