Friday, March 21, 2014

Negativism of Foreign Based Guyanese.

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired listening to grumpy overseas based Guyanese bitch and moan about a country they no longer live in. What gives you the right to constantly barrage a country that you don’t visit nor keep up with its current affairs? Are you the authority on global development when you make do with less than a high school education and live in a cold hole in the ground?

When was the last time you visited Guyana? Yes, you with the big mouth who seeks to comment on every positive post made on Facebook about Guyana. I guessing not in the last 30 years. When you ran out of Guyana, far away from the suppressive regime, you left everything behind. There is no shame in trying to have a better life for yourself and your family. Every person in this world is entitled to live a better existence. Tons and tons of people fled Guyana to England, Canada and the US. Great for all of us who are fortunate enough to have this opportunity. But have we gone back? We travel to exotic locales, flood our Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups with the latest smart phone pics or super pics from our best of the best camera equipment that we still can’t use to its fullest extend. Bore our “friends” to death with constant pics of our pets, children and grandchildren. ( I am guilty of pet pics). Show off our Photoshop skills with unrealistic photo mastery and reshare every quote of majestic wisdom that we can find on the internet. But have we gone back?

Have we taken that same money we so lavishly spend in foreign excursions and put it into the Guyanese economy? Have you seen the majestic Kaiteur Falls, that you so passionately reshare 100 times on Facebook, up close and personal? Did you know that there is a canopy that stretches high in the Guyanese Rainforest at Iwokrama  Walkway Canopy, but you’ve visited the tropical rainforest of Belize and Costa Rica? Have you seen the Rupunni Rodeo, but you visit the rodeo in Texas all the time? Did you know there is an international standard hotel and casino name Princess, but you spent the week at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas? Have you dined at New Thriving Chinese Restaurant or the swanky Vintage Wine and Cheese Lounge? But you find is necessary to post and check into every paper plate and plastic fork little hole that you call fine dining? You didn’t know Guyana has some great establishments? Well, like I said….”You are not current.”

How are you the global authority on public development? You didn’t finish high school. If you did finish high school, your so called “superior British education” is not accepted in Canada and the US. Instead of digging in and adjusting yourself, you fell out of education to work three minimum wage jobs to take care of your family of 5. If, like the majority of people who migrate to foreign lands, you live in the cold tundra you are on the subways, buses or walking in several feet of snow and ice at ungodly hours of the morning and days struggling to make ends meet. Oh you thought money fell from trees over here, right. Yep, they lied to you. You have to work and work hard. Tell me when you have time or can really say you are the authority on public development. Oh so you were fortunate enough to slip into college or your parents worked those three jobs scrubbing toilets so that you can get a college education. Now that makes you the holier than thou authority on any kind of development in Guyana. Really, during your education did you study anything about Guyana or how to develop a third world country? You do what? Fix cars and equipment? Yet for all you are the authority?

Truth be told we are nowhere in any position to condemn what we know nothing about. We can render opinions. Our shared travels and living experiences can shed some light on “If it works somewhere else it could work for Guyana.” But it does not make our words gospel. Imagine, your mother tells you how disappointed she is in you everytime she speaks to you? Wouldn’t you eventually feel like a disappointment in yourself? So then, why do you feel the need to spew negativity about everything that comes out of Guyana? The next time you have the urge to make a negative Facebook comment about Guyana, stop and ask yourself, “How is my comment going to make anything better?”