Monday, March 31, 2014

Neeshan D Hitman Uncut and Raw on Xposed TV with Sarah Bacchus

In the wide sea of so called West Indian artistes, who really uses their platform of entertainment to drive positive messages? D Hitman took his trail blazing high energy performances and metamorphed into a vehicle of positive change. As he sat down for a riveting raw uncut conversation with Sarah Bacchus, host of Xposed TV, it is refreshing to see the evolution of a man who can move the masses with his rum songs and turn around to capture those same masses with a message of restraint, humble humility and respect for women. His daring question of, “who will the child look up to if not us,” is strikingly powerful.


You know all of his songs, you grooved and whittled, whined and grinded on every dancehall, bacchanal, battam house and beach party from New York to Trinidad and all the way to Guyana. When the party needed a little pick up, the DJs turned to D Hitman. When the crowd settled a bit, D Hitman blazed out with his exposed chest and sprinkled fire water. That same man who has collaborated with every name in the business to captivate a worldwide audience is taking a stance on the same material that made him popular.

His philosophy is not about popular lyrics that sells out to masses but rather about material that moves masses in a positive direction. When the soca chutney world dictates that a hit must be about rum or the degradation of women, D Hitman stood up and said no. Striking! Here is an artiste who made his butter with the same rum song, rewind and come again with a different tune. I can imagine his competition and the so called powers to be in the industry shaking in their sandals. Why would this guy turn around and want to stop a good thing? Is it really a good thing? With all the social issues of rum drinking and celebrating the revered spirit in its infinite destruction, it is staggering that someone has not stepped up sooner.

D Hitman is determined to use his influence and wide audience to change the culture of soca chutney music and West Indian culture as a whole. He has taken a bold approach to not record any more rum songs. If audiences followed his “wilder, younger side” and were thrilled, they would embrace his more positive and matured entertainment path. These positive steps have lead to major support for a new charitable foundation. Lead by Christine Khan, this new foundation is focusing efforts to build a Children’s Recreational Center in Berbice, Guyana. Take a view of the entire interview below.

There are many Caribbean entertainment and media outlets scattered across the Diaspora. But not many embrace content with a positive message. Xposed TV, from Stealth Productions takes a stand and consistently deliver high quality technical and positive programs. The common elements here are all positive forward embracing people working together for a greater good. Here is to more artists joining hands with Neeshan D Hitman for a better West Indian Community.