Thursday, July 28, 2011

Take the extended hand, it may not be there tomorrow.

Guyana gov't not impressed with US Embassy's visiting professor | 2011/07/27/ | Latest

Two conflicting sides of the same situation presented it self in the Guyanese Newspaper yesterday. One newspaper reported that a prominent Guyanese public official was not impressed with the visiting US Political Science professor. While another mentioned the issues he addressed.

The public official did not attack the issues raised but went after the professors credibility. Several comments on both newspapers were for and against the Political Scientist's position. The alarming issue was how many people went after the very accomplished gentleman's credibility. Having read through both newspaper articles both were in agreement reporting the professor's qualifications. So the man was qualified on the subject, but when the argument does not fit he gets put down on credibility?

Does not seem like a fair argument, right? Why not argue the issues? State a reason why the professor's position is irrelevant to Guyana. Not just, he does not know what he is talking about. Why would a Harvard educated political science Ph.D travel to Guyana and talk nonsense? The professor has done this same kind of assessments in many other countries. Don't think they are talking trash to him. The issue here is the clear disregard of another opinion.

Is this the pulse of a nation? There are other reports on newspapers, social media sites, and individuals that indicates the disapproval of "outside" opinions. In a conversation with an "outside" person and a local, the local said, "Man gawn so, you from outside, you naw know nothing about Guyana." People actually feel this way. Is it that there have been too many "outside" people who feels that because they are from a foreign country that they know more than Guyanese? Or are Guyanese feeling that they have heard enough about how bad their country is?

The natural instincts of man is to protect and honor his ways. Continuous reminder of how bad things are and how incorrect everything is done will eventually lead to people feeling dismayed. No one wants to be told how bad things are. Where are the solutions? Show the solutions to the issues, not the issues. It is no secret that there are several systems which can use some adjusting. There are several things that over time have eroded. Whether it is man's faults, nature's fault, or some outer world's misalignment of the stars. Things have gotten off the rails. Everyone knows that. Well, instead of keep pointing out that glaring reality, focus on a solution.

On the other hand, it is okay to listen and take note. Most people who even attempt to engage in any way, have Guyana's best interest at heart. There is absolutely nothing wrong with listening to a different opinion. Agreement or disagreement brings about a healthy civil engagement that may even turn out beneficial. Personal attacks is counter-productive. A new and novel idea when combined with a a tried practice may create a strong deep solution. Why block an idea or theory? At the end of the day "outsiders" will be just that, on the outside. Guyanese living in Guyana will be the ones making the decisions as to which direction they want to take. "Outsiders" can just share their knowledge, passion, and time. So step up and take the hand extended, it may not be there tomorrow.