Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Canawaima Ferry Stelling from Corriverton to Nickerie.

Canawaima ferry ends 2010 strong
Who remembers when this ferry crossing was just a dream, empty promise, or campaign slogan? Now look at it. A shining beacon which shows that progress is possible.
As a kid living and growing up in Guyana circa 70s and 80s, Road End was as far as we could go. It was either the final turn on a leisure drive with my grandfather or on my bicycle with my friends. I always wondered what was beyond the bush? There was always stories from a local farmer about the raw beauty of Moleson Creek area. There were tales of lawlessness in the marijuana trade. Today, tells a different tale.
What was once only an aspiration has become a reality. The Road End no longer exists. There is now an endless road. A brand spanking new road extends beyond the old Road End. This road goes all the way to the New Canawaima Ferry Stelling and beyond. I am told that the paved road will extend all the way to Orealla, perhaps Brazil? One could only speculate.
Along the road are several farms and cattle rearing activities. Not surprising, there was a small hotel. Clearly this is still an area ripe and ready for development. Although very agricultural in nature I could see many areas of shear bush. This could be the new frontier of growth.
We arrived at the stelling in the late afternoon after the ferry operations had stopped. The gate was closed. A guard informed us that for a nominal entrance fee we could still walk around to see the buildings and grounds. A nominal fee. Wonder where that money was going and how did they account for that? Tourism dollars?
There was a Amerindian cleaning crew busy at work. I have to say these buildings and compound were extremely clean. There was a waiting area outfitted with a small snack counter and several televisions. Restrooms were very clean. The lawn was well trimmed and acute. There definitely was pride in the upkeep if this facility.
A beacon of hope, a shining light to show the way, a structure of pride and joy. This is the fruits of progress. This is how a community rise with glistening glints in their eyes and chest full of pride.