Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We stomp the dreams of our own.

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  • A thought crept up on me last night. I know a lot of people have enough bad words to say about Guyana and the destruction caused by politics. I have often been told by various people I should not even bother going because Guyana is moving backwards. Well let me tell you that in life, young people especially expect everything to happen for them just like that. The world doesn't work that way! I've applied to hundreds of places for work experience or even a part time job in London- the business capital of the world and no one would even batter an eyelid at me. Instead I am using this summer to work with some of the most vulnerable women in Guyana and thanks to a certain someone I secured an internship in one of the best institutions in Guyana. So before you are quick to disrespect the country our ancestors gave up their freedom for, think twice and have a little respect for where you come from. If we all contributed a lil bit of our time and skills to do something good for the country imagine that impact by the end of our lifetime....

    Commentary: Here is a young impressionable mind, looking for ways to give back to the country of our birth and we stomp on her. Why do we stifle people like her?